Having an integrated multichannel strategy helps increase sales. It allows you to impact the target audience through the different points of contact, maintaining their interest, and thus generating greater opportunities to reach conversion. In this regard, actions focused on mobile devices, at the local level, have proven to be effective in directing customers to stores. As the G / O Digital study shows, 90% of shoppers prefer to make their purchases in their closest environment. However, before doing so, they turn to the internet to carry out the preliminary investigation process. It is at this point where local marketing strategies decisively influence, with the inestimable presence of mobile devices, which will allow us to offer a personalized solution, and adapted to your needs, depending on the time, place, and your online behavior. This is reflected in the G / O Digital study, which includes the important role that the internet plays in the purchase process, focusing on physical stores.

In this way, we can observe that 84% of buyers turn to the online medium to search for information before buying in local stores. Search engines continue to act as a premier source of information. 79% of respondents turn to the major search engines for details about the products they are interested in. It is important to highlight the influence of content on purchasing decisions, especially online video. 43% of these consumers affirm that the information provided by these audiovisual creations is very useful to them; which you access both from your mobile phone and from your computer. We cannot ignore the power of offers and promotions Jamaica WhatsApp Number List  when it comes to incentivizing purchases. 55% of buyers who practice webrooming (search online, to later buy online), admitted their special interest in searching and comparing on the internet, in search of the most attractive prices. For their part, 65% admit that they take these offers and discounts into account when making their purchase decisions. It is worth highlighting the demand for mobile coupons during this imminent Christmas campaign. According to the report, 42% of consumers will use mobile coupons in physical stores during these important dates. Another example of the need for a properly planned ominchannel strategy.

For this reason, we will use tools that help us proceed in a simple and much more logical way, without having to work one by one on each lead. Value content is the key To ensure that the interest of the leads increases gradually, we will have to generate attractive content for users, and share it with them in a reasonable way. These contents must therefore be easy to consume and valued by customers.. It is always best to first analyze our target audience for a certain product and determine what issues they care about and how we can help them. From this analysis we will obtain a series of possible themes that we can use in different contents. For example, if  Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List    our product were a management software, we would have to analyze in depth the person in charge of IT purchases of the type of company that interests us, which will typically be the IT manager. And what is it that concerns a CIO in relation to management software? Well, it is not that I am a specialist in this field, but I can imagine that among others, your concerns will be the reliability of the product, its capabilities, integration with your current systems, and of course, the price. That is when it comes to management software, but if we open the range a little more, we discover that the most generic concerns of an IT manager are usually: that the company’s IT resources do not become obsolete, that investments are profitable, that there are as few failures as possible? On all these topics, surely you can create a lot of content, you just have to have the will and time to do it.

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