Word press is, without a doubt, one of the most effective. Platforms for building high-performing websites, and. Perhaps that’s why it’s becoming remarkably. Popular in the tech industry these days. This. Whether you agree or not, but a wide range of developers, across. The planet, are opting for this content management. System based website framework. As a developer, it’s not enough that you. Know word press; you should. Also familiarize yourself with the best word press. Plugins to take the quality of your projects to the next level. In other words, to make your work more. Impressive and reduce troubleshooting activities.

It Is Better to Rely on Quality Plugins Here Are Some

Super powerful plugins that can simplify the work of. Word press developers to a great extent. 1) query monitor this one is my personal favourite. When coding Israel Phone number anything in a word press template, there are. Certain. Coding rules that are strict and precise. This plugin monitors every coding move of the developer. It displays database queries, database query debug. Total queries per page, queued scripts, and styles. In short, it is the perfect tool for developers when it. Comes to developing word press websites. If you want to know more about this plugin, here is the link: https. 2) duplicator migrating word press sites is sometimes a. Little difficult when customers use third-party themes.

So Whenever They Want to Migrate Their Sites

Quickly and smoothly, duplicator comes to their rescue. It can clone the website with database and it can. Create a new extension base file which will only be. Accessible by the duplicator installer file. Developers can use this file in another hosting location. If their clients fail to provide credentials (e.G. Server details) of. The main website for security reasons. They can ask their customers to install this tool to provide them with. The duplicator file. For more information, click on this link: https://wordpress.Org/plugins/duplicator/ 3) show. Php version when the developers take the backup. Of word press, the whole site works fine on their server. However, when their clients come with this website. It shows errors and nothing works properly.

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