Much has been speculated about the effectiveness of content marketing. After becoming one of the star strategies of companies and advertisers last year, a trend that continues today, we now confirm its effectiveness among brands that have opted for this content, as indicated by a study carried out by the company Ascend2.

Specifically, this company conducted a survey on marketing trends to 290 winners and business professionals from around the world, a report that analyzed the degree of effectiveness and the difficulty of these organizations in implementing these specific advertising strategies. The results, in this sense, could not be better since 89% of the companies surveyed indicated that content marketing had been effective for them.

A bet that, now it is confirmed, was worth it to nine out of ten companies. In fact, the heads of such organizations confirmed that it was an investment effectively used. Thus, the percentage of companies that indicated   Qatar Phone Number List  that they recognized that content marketing had been “very successful” was 26%, a figure that increases to 63% of companies that said that it had been “somewhat successful”.

On the contrary, only 9% of those surveyed pointed out that the strategy had not yielded the results they expected and the remaining 2% added that content marketing had not brought them any success within their organizations. In this sense, the companies that bet on content marketing last year in some of their demonstrations indicated that they did so in search of specific objectives. Thus, the generation of new business opportunities and the improvement of the relationship with the client, through an expansion of the client’s participation in regard to their interest in the brand, were the purposes most stated by the companies analyzed.

On the contrary, and strikingly, the improvement of their web positioning in the main search engines was placed at the bottom of their priorities, since SEO only occupied 19% of the affirmative responses of the companies surveyed by Ascend2.

In parallel, the research carried out by this company also exposes which are the most effective contents for companies. Among them, the publication of articles and case studies stands out, with 54% of the responses. It is followed closely by videos, with 46%, as well as infographics, with 43%.

The list of efficient contents continues: investigations and White papers, with 36% of the responses, as well as online events, with 30% of them. Next are the newsletters, with 28% of the responses and photos and illustrations, with 24%. Press releases close the list, less effective content for these organizations, since it only concentrates 10% of their affirmative responses.

Similarly, the research carries out an approach to which are the most difficult content marketing strategies for companies to implement. Thus, videos, with 59%, turned out to be the most complex technique for those surveyed to carry out. Their budgets and the difficulty of the realization process work negatively in this regard. These were followed by investigations and events, with 50% of responses from consumers.

The realization of infographics (34%), articles (31%), newsletters (13%) and photos (10%) turned out to be the most difficult techniques to apply for companies, in this order. The list was closed, as in the case of the previous indicator, the press release, which only received 6% of the responses from companies as a difficult strategy to implement. A sample of the effectiveness of content marketing but of the changes that companies must carry out to get the most out of it.

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