Millennials are all the rage, and there are even those who say that so much obsession with young people is causing other age groups to be neglected. But what is clear is that brands want to seduce them, and in many cases, they do not know how. Well, betting on videos could be a good starting point! This is shown by an Animoto study (carried out from a survey of more than 1000 young British consumers), where we discovered that this age group consumes more and more online video, and that this is also what they like. Thus, half of the young people would open a company email if it included video and 6 out of 10 prefer to watch a corporate video to read a newsletter.

In addition, young people are three times more likely to watch videos on their mobile than the previous generation, and in fact, half of millennials only watch videos on their smartphone. Absolutely all respondents had seen some video online (whether on the computer, mobile or tablet) in the last six months. Consequently, this love for videos corresponds to their  Chile phone numbers list   activity on YouTube, with 76% of millennials following brands on YouTube, a much higher percentage than in other age groups. Even so, the winning social network is undoubtedly Facebook, where 84% of young people follow a company. Twitter must settle for 1 in 2 millennials and Instagram 4 out of 10.

But they also like to watch videos while shopping. In fact, 70% of those surveyed said they were willing to watch a corporate video while shopping in an online store, 74% find this format useful to compare different products and 80% consider the videos especially practical when they start looking for information about a type of product that you want to buy. Offering videos with practical content on how to use a product is always a good idea, since 85% of millennials believe that demos are very useful. 69% also like to watch videos with testimonials from other consumers telling how their experience with that product or brand has been. Of course, do not overdo it, because 75% of those surveyed said they lose interest quickly if the video is too promotional.

What millennials are looking for is quality content that helps them get the most out of their purchase and makes the whole process easier. Videos are simply one more tool to use in content marketing, yes, a very effective one to achieve an impact among the youngest. Beyond quality content, there are many factors to take into account for a corporate video to work. For starters, time. Although the length of a video depends on the type of content, it must be borne in mind that the consumer’s attention window is getting shorter and brands only have 10 seconds to attract the attention of the Internet user before they decide to close the video.

The device from which the video will be viewed is also important, since from the mobile phone (which we remember, it is the preferred device for millennials to access this type of format) shorter videos are preferred, less than a minute long. The same happens with the videos shared on social networks such as Facebook, compared to the content on YouTube or Vimeo, which can be much more extensive. It is also very important to provide the user with the content that has been promised and to be very clear about the purpose of each video. Making videos is ideal for reaching millennials, but as long as there is something to tell in those videos.

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