Blogs are a mainstay of online marketing that for some is falling into ostracism. However, critical voices should consider that this tool provides multiple benefits to companies that are committed to including them in their strategies, which range from positive results in terms of positioning, to effectively reaching customers, passing by increasing their respective conversion rates. In fact, the statistics are on the side of this marketing tool, as shown by the fact that the web pages that contain blog have 434% and 97% more indexed pages and links, which facilitates their positioning or that sellers who use a blog as a communication support register 67% more potential customers than those who do not. A decision that means an increase in the chances of improving your conversion rate of no more and no less than 13 times.

In this sense, it is important to bear in mind that blogs function as a truly useful space for companies, since through it they can communicate with their audience on a regular basis, providing them with information that Internet users find useful, keeping them up to date with news of the company and the sector to which it belongs and motivating them to know its website in depth. That is why we have compiled below some of the most important and far-reaching reasons why blogs should continue to be part of brands’ online marketing strategies. A tool with which companies will be able to solidly build their digital presence.

Blogs are configured as a very prone space for brands to publish unique and quality content, a formula for which Google is committed to thanks brands by improving their positioning. However, using a blog for  Morocco phone number list   this purpose requires time and planning, so brands must include many hours of research in this process, from which they will reach the keywords for which they want to position, which they must include when writing. your articles. And is that a blog is not synonymous with automatic reception of visits, so they require an adequate selection of topics of interest to the audience, from which valuable content is written, with headlines that engage and retain attention of readers, which will make them visit more posts and the brand in general.

In parallel, the content produced in a blog conditions the success of brands on social networks. This is due, despite the feedback from both online marketing tools, to the fact that the regular updates of the blogs and the publications of this content motivate users to follow the brands on social networks, given the attitude interpreted by the audience. of this effort carried out by companies. In parallel, social networks are a very effective tool for blogs, because through the dissemination of their content in these environments, brands experience a significant increase in their web traffic, which is recorded in Google Analytics statistics as traffic direct and proprietary to the brand.

Although this indicator is not easy to qualify in quantitative terms, it corresponds to an important reason why companies should continue to bet on maintaining their blogs. Thus, a large part of the users who get to know a brand do so through the blog, so putting the focus of interest on this support improves the image that users are configured about a specific company.

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