Data analysis is becoming increasingly relevant to optimize marketing strategy. A reality from which companies are not on the sidelines. According to data from Forbes and Turn, 7 out of 10 marketing executives plan to pay more attention to analytics when making their marketing decisions. The report indicates that more than half of marketing executives in the United States (55%) use this data to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns, in all or most of them. 25% apply analytics to some of their projects, while another 16% do not know for sure. Only 4% completely deny its use.

These companies use data analysis mainly in their digital advertising campaigns (66%), although they also have their application in offline media. 46% of the participants in the survey affirm that it measures the effectiveness of their advertising actions in mainstream media. For their part, 41% record this information to draw conclusions about their direct Vietnam phone number list   marketing campaigns. Also, a third of them keep track of their telemarketing actions, coupons or special offers. The commitment to data analysis does not stop here, but will increase in the coming years. More than 70% of the participants in the Forbes report say they plan to increase their dedication to this area in the next 3 years.

According to Gartner, e-commerce and user experience will be the sectors where they will invest the most (46% and 40% respectively), followed by mobile devices (38%). On the other hand, 32% will take into account analytics, while 31% will bet on marketing technology (31%). In short, investment in technology and the concern to know the customer in depth and follow in their footsteps will be priority objectives for these brands, to which they will allocate a significant part of their resources.

As Gartner points out, CIOs will have to strive to create a more efficient environment for the marketing department, in order to streamline the collection and analysis of information and, consequently, decision-making. In this sense, in 2018 the relationship between the areas of technology and marketing will be even greater. With this, it will be possible to join forces, optimize results and increase the return on investment in technology by up to 25%.

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