Getting your landing page right is critical. A landing page is a prime opportunity to collect valuable customer information and hook visitors in with tempting offers. It’s a chance to increase brand awareness while showing visitors that you put your money where your mouth is.

But what are the ingredients for a successful landing page? Landing pages may not contain a lot of content, but they require a lot of thought and careful planning. A good landing page is the result of a well mapped out digital marketing strategy.

Here are 7 good landing page examples of 2017:



This landing page is bright and quirky without looking messy or garish. The use of pink is a great touch. According to color psychology, pink is a colour that has a calming effect on people. It suggests safety and vulnerability and is also intuitive and insightful.

Lyft has cleverly focused on the customer’s main motivation, which is money. Type in the number of hours you’d like to work and the city you live in, and Lyft calculates how much you could make in a week.

Web users value efficiency and simplicity, and this landing page has it down pat. The customer form only has one requirement – a mobile phone number. Once that’s filled, the customer can download the app and become a Lyft driver.


Professional Wingman

First of all, what a business venture! This is one business that clearly knows how to think outside the box. Yet despite their obvious creativity, they’ve kept their landing page clean, simple and professional. Their service is made clear and the text is short and to the point.

People appreciate concise, relevant information, so Professional Wingman has done right by opting for a minimal look. The testimonials at the bottom of the page add social proof, supporting the business’ brand.

We also like the boldly coloured call-to-action button, which takes Luxembourg Phone Number the customer to a form on a different page. The form is lengthy and quite personal, but this is how Professional Wingman shows he’s serious about his job.


Khan Academy

It can be difficult catering to a wide range of buyer personas, but Khan Academy has nailed it. They have three target audiences – those who want to learn, those who want to teach and parents of underage students. Each group is accounted for with the use of three personalized buttons, taking each type of audience to pages relevant to their needs.    Best database provider | Buy Mobile Database

The landing page is colourful and large, presenting education as something that is fun. They have used blue as their main colour, which is a colour that instills trust and symbolizes intelligence. All in all, a pretty fantastic landing page.



The word ‘Free’ is one most people zero in on, and PayPal has used it to their advantage.  Their clean, white layout with the small footer is simple yet effective, and it makes the blue call-to-action button stand out. The button commands the visitor to ‘Download Now’ which is a great, direct command.

The bullet pointed copy is effective in quickly communicating the benefits of PayPal, and the image of two young business owners gives customers a glimpse of what PayPal could do for them.



A clear headline and bullet-pointed copy never fails. HubSpot uses a blue call-to-action button that says ‘Get Your Free Assessment’, making good use of a crowd favourite colour, the word ‘free’ and a direct command.  An image of a clipboard clearly states the benefits and includes the monetary value of this assessment.



Just like doctors hang their qualifications on their wall, WordStream has placed their Google Partner awards on their landing page. This validates the brand.

The page itself is white with contrasting orange and blue coloured text, making it interesting without being too loud. The contact form is also simple and to the point, with all required fields marked with an asterisk.

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