The “Grandma of milan” has more than 144 million. Followers within the instagram social network. It is estimated that the instagram social network. Has approximately 1,220 million active accounts worldwide. The korean influencer currently has a user base. Of over 114 million followers south korean jang myung. Sook is one of the most popular fashion instagramers. At 68 years of age the popularity of social networks. Is imminent every day just over 4,480 million. People are immersed in social networks which. Suggests that just over half of the world’s population. Has access to a digital device and has at least a profile. Within one of the multiple digital platforms such as. Instagram an example of this is the korean instagramer.

Finds Its Explanation in the Brands That Have Saturated

The offer of these advertising spaces for this meeting. Mark marshall president of advertising and partnerships for. Nbcu recently stated that Spain Business Fax List we have seen an increase. In the appetite of fans to watch the nfl on all of our. Platforms this cross-platform consumption. Has attracted even more advertisers who want. An immediate and large-scale reach of the sport. Likewise. Specialists indicate that this growing interest of companies in. Advertising in these sporting events is due to the. Increase in listening on social networks and non-traditional. Media. In that same order they indicate that currently the.

One of the Most Important Sporting

 Spain Business Fax List

Events in the world. Breaks a record again this 2022 after a brand has paid. Up to 7 million dollars for space in the halftime show. Which is considered an increase compared to 5.5 million. Dollars that was recorded as the most expensive ad space of 2021. This year the day of the super bowl is on february 13. With a match between the cincinnati bengals vs. Los angeles rams at sofi stadium in inglewood california. This sports event is the most watched in the world. Where according to data from statista the 2021 super. Bowl final was seen in the united states by. An average of approximately 9 million viewers. The lowest figure since the edition of.

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