Podcasting continues to grow in popularity making. Podcast accessibility even more important with. More than two million podcast shows active. In 2021 and more than 800,000 having launched in 2020. Podcasts have become a dominant source of. Entertainment news conversation starters and have welcomed. Losses of time for more than two-fifths. Of americans with the low barrier to entry minimal equipment. Requirements and growing interest in the medium. It’s no wonder businesses and individuals have started. Producing their own podcasts for businesses. In particular podcasting breaks down barriers between the voices. Of the business and those of their target markets.

Effectively Helping to Build Trust Credibility

And brand loyalty among listeners that said podcasting. In its simplest form excludes the more than 10 million. Americans who are deaf or hard China Phone number of hearing audio-only. Content cannot always be consumed or enjoyed. By members of this group and the problem is only exacerbated. When audio quality is poor or when hosts. Mumble or talk to each other capitalizing on the growing interest. In podcasts can be a smart move but in order. To take full advantage of demand podcast accessibility. Must be a priority here are six simple yet. Effective ways to make your podcast more accessible. 1 make sure you have an accessible website. Blog designs your website is one of. The best places to promote your podcast.

Whether Through a Call to Action on

A blogpost or a caption in your navigation header. Unfortunately website visitors may not be able to access. Your podcast if your website has accessibility issues. Fortunately there are quick fixes to make a website. More accessible these steps include make forms accessible. If you’re starting a mailing list to alert subscribers. Of new episodes the sign-up forms should be labeled so screen. Readers can pick them up and the fields. Should be navigable with a keyboard organizing content with. Headings screen readers rely on headings to better. Understand and navigate a page if you’re promoting a podcast. On a blog post — or even on a dedicated podcast landing page.

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