Content marketing is one of the great bets of brands for the immediate future and even for the present. Companies reach consumers in a much more effective and creative way, which impacts more on users. A study by CCC and ContentWise indicated that in 2014 80% of companies would invest in this type of advertising, either through actions aimed at social networks or through the creation of content for a site.

But despite the fact that content marketing is becoming fashionable and despite the fact that companies are increasingly open to it, content marketing continues to impose certain rules or needs that many times brands – carried away by the tide – do not always remember. From the outset, content marketing has to be especially attractive, it has to be able to engage the consumer in a surprising and impactful way. It is not worth being good, it has to be extraordinary.

In fact, the more different and worked these campaigns are, the more impact they get. For example, Converse is working on a campaign that uses Adblock technology to change ads (or “boring things on the web” as they say) into proprietary content associated with its brand and one of its campaigns that they will be fun and exciting. Considering that users will have to install an extension to view them, their success could demonstrate the immense attractive potential of these types of campaigns.

To create a good content marketing strategy, you must follow certain rules, such as talking about what is known, being entertaining or not sticking with a single format. But what happens when all this fails? In  witzerland WhatsApp Number List   other words, what is it that makes a content marketing campaign neither extraordinary, nor good and, therefore, not generating results? In that case, it is likely that the company behind the campaign has been weighed down by some of the following errors, which are some of the most common failures in content marketing campaigns.

Not all companies have it equally easy: it is not the same to create a content marketing strategy for a company in the fashion sector, which generates many opportunities to make good stories, as for a car body manufacturer or for a developer of ERP, the software for business management that is not only gray entry but the public is not very clear what it is or what it is for. But the starting point should not weigh down everything that is generated. In reality, no subject is deadly boring by necessity, you just have to know what is being told and how it is being done. Adapting the speech to those you want to reach will make it much more readable, as will giving the stories human color.

What does the follower of a brand expect from the content it offers? Each and every one of them has expectations, which will be quite common and similar. That is, if someone follows a restaurant on Facebook, they will expect to hear about food and if they enter the page of a food company they will like to see recipes. Take, for example, the Gallina Blanca website, a common example of what can be done successfully in a content marketing strategy. The manufacturer’s website, which does things so unattractive from the point of view of telling a story such as bouillon tablets, has become a benchmark where you can always find recipes.

The solution is very simple, as explained in Inc, and consists of only putting yourself in the shoes of the consumer. What would you like that brand to offer? Perhaps this is the point that is most difficult to make understand to those who do not know how the internet world really works and the new demands to which brands are subjected. Yes, the company’s blog is to talk about you and yes, the Facebook page is about your products. And everyone assumes that the ultimate goal of all that content deployment is to sell more. But this does not mean that it should be the only objective.

Nobody makes the effort to follow a brand that all they do is post information about their products, about their new services and about their offers. A company that only talks about it will not have an easy time surviving in the world of content marketing. What the consumer is looking for is added value. One of the great opportunities of content marketing is that it allows you to show one more layer of information about the company: a screw manufacturer can stop being just a screw manufacturer and can add a story to your product and your company. That is what makes consumers feel close to her, that they understand who they are and that – in the end – they consume

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