There are many elements that go into developing a successful landing page. For instance, and choosing the right images is a crucial aspect of that process. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect images for your landing page and get those conversions.


  • Look professional

Your landing page needs to look really professional because a badly designed page may raise red flags in your visitor’s mind about your company, product or service. Your images should convey that your company is reputable and trustworthy. Trust is required to convert a visitor into a lead.

  • Draw attention

An eye-catching image can be used to represent a product, company or offer, drawing the user’s attention to the content in question. When confronted with large blocks of text, especially online, the human brain automatically tends to start skimming over it, instead of reading it in detail. Images improve readability by breaking up visual monotony and can help highlight links, features or product benefits.

  • Create context

Create a great visual hook and tell the story of your service or product with images instead of designing a text-heavy page. Photos can provide the user with visual context, (e.g. by using pictures of the author or presenter in their office) or highlight the main features of the product while in use. Keep in mind that the photo you choose will likely set the reader’s entire mood, so make sure that the mood of the photo fits the mood of the text.

  • Keep It relevant

Ensure that the landing page features imagery that clearly shows Germany Phone Number your product or service achieving its purpose. The goal is always to get the visitor to choose between converting or returning to the homepage for more information. Irrelevant images simply distract your visitor from taking action or might make him bounce from your website.  Best database provider | Buy Mobile Database

  • Stay simple

Stick to your colour scheme and don’t go crazy with the images.  You want to keep your landing page simple and focussed and not overwhelm your visitors and risk losing conversions. Keep your general website colour scheme in mind when choosing images so they don’t clash.

  • Know Your Audience

Your audience needs to know that you understand them.  You should use images that you know will resonate with them and are likely to evoke. For instance, relationships between the user and your product or service.

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