Every year, we look forward to the opportunity to dive into. Usable net ‘s ada lawsuit report a pioneer in. Digital in the light of, accessibility and usability. Like its predecessors, usable net’s 2020 digital accessibility lawsuits. Report includes data on thousands of lawsuits against organizations for violations of the americans with. Disabilities act ( ada). Collected over the course of 50 weeks in 2020, usable net “Reviews all lawsuits filed. In federal court under the ada and in california state court under unruh “. 2020 has proven – unsurprisingly. To be a pivotal year when it comes to digital accessibility lawsuits.

Lockdowns and Restrictions Resulting From Covid-19

Have dramatically changed the rate at which these cases have been filed. Additionally, a massive migration. Of office workers to a makeshift Costa Rica Phone number work-from-home environment has exposed even more accessibility flaws for. Organizations’ websites, apps, and online content. Like previous years, 2020 also saw lawsuits for alleged. Ada violations regardless of the global pandemic — some being served on organizations that have faced. Accessibility-related litigation in the past. The full report is worth an in-depth read – especially if you work in. Website development, video production and/or digital marketing – but to grab your attention, here are what. We think are the five key takeaways from the report. 1. Impact of covid-19 on accessibility lawsuits with. Offices closed and legal proceedings stalled, the first third of 2020 saw.

A Month-over-month Decline in the Number of

Digital accessibility cases and lawsuits. According to the report, filing numbers fell the most in states such as. New york – which alone was responsible for 64% of digital accessibility lawsuits (or 123 lawsuits per. Month). However, from may there was a noticeable increase in the number of cases filed – with each month. In the second half of 2020 seeing more cases. Than any month in the first half of the year. This growth culminated with a 50%+ increase in lawsuits in. December compared to pre-pandemic filing rates. The bar chart shows how covid-19 has influenced the. Number of lawsuits filed in 2020. The chart starts with january has 284. February has 267. March has in the light of, 228. April has 129. May has 189.

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