Spain when preparing their vacations, today’s traveler uses more and more social networks. In the new paradigm, thus, these platforms have some influence on their decision making. In this context deloitte and facebook have launched a study that explores the behavior of consumers on social networks before, during and after their trips with the intention of extracting patterns that are useful for tourism companies to focus their marketing campaigns in the online environment. The persona lization of the offers and information that the consumer receives from the brands is increasingly important. In in addition (to), recent years.

Electronic Commerce Has Been Increasing

And with this one of the most used tools today. email marketing  related notes? ways to get quality subscribers in your email marketing campaign tips to succeed with your email marketing campaign this summer mistakes to avoid in your email marketing campaigns for women The main advantages of email marketing are that its cost is very low and the results can be measured in an average of approximately two days. According to information from the specialized agency email monks, the budget that companies will allocate to this campaign management tool will grow by 61 percent. The queen of welding Here are five email marketing trends.

Personalization in Real Time Launch

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When the publications made on social networks and the contents of the email. Hashtags The use of hashtags in the subject of the mail. Also helps cross actions with social networks. Automation tools Optimization and integration between crm seo? lead scoring and email marketing to launch relevant and synchronized actions from all channels.Micro segmentation. The enhancement of intelligent segmentation. With the generation of smaller groups of users. With respect to in addition (to), their behavior and their origin.

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