Spain only 21% and 27% of marketing managers, include seo and social networks respectively within. their budget according to the latest, study by the communication agency hotwire . The report ‘marketing in silos’ reveals that multichannel campaigns are not yet a reality? “Despite being in 2015 we still act as if it were 1995”. Related articles: The secret ingredient of inbound marketing: seo New marketing challenge for alcoholic beverages? The challenges of using drones in the marketing industry. The document, compiled from 300 surveys of senior marketing managers

.points out that half of departments still run campaigns on a single channel?

While 30% have admitted that the

Of multiple channels. It is surprising that 79% of those interviewed do not include seo in their Buy Argentina WhatsApp Number Database marketing budgets since, in fact, online advertising is the most popular channel (endorsed by 52%). According to the study, “Decision makers clearly understand the importance of online visibility, but not how to achieve it.” These are, according to the communication agency, 5 of the biggest challenges facing the industry in 2015:“silo” mentality. Only a third of the companies think that their campaigns are working properly in the channels. There is a channel approach but there also continue to be silos within departments, making campaign planning difficult. the campaigns are not multichannel.

The vast majority of those consulted

Agree that the great challenge when integrating? For their part, 29% blame the lack of resources. aversion to certain channels. Companies tend to be multichannel, although some avoid certain channels that could contribute to the success of their actions. There are reluctant to seo in the finance sector (16%)? it and electronics (17%) or construction (8%). make the most of campaigns ? Channel integration is the concern of 36% of marketers?

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