Blogging gives you the ability to reach out to your followers and keep them updated with the latest in company news and events. But even beyond that, it can establish you and your company as an authority in your field, let your readers get an inside glimpse into your work and yes, boost your SEO!
By developing posts that are educational and interesting, you can position yourself as the best resource available for your industry. The cherry on top of the cake is as your posts get popular your rankings will rise.So, you write an amazing blog post and capture the attention of readers; next you need to be able to call them to action and make them customers. But before you can convert them, you need to capture their information.

Here are four easy and fabulous tips to help you turn your blog readers into paying customers:

  1. Use CTAs in the text of your blog posts: A call-to-action compels your reader to take some sort of action. When you write your post, include a link in the text to a relevant ebook or download that provides extra value. Easy!
  2. Give some perks to those who go the extra mile: If you have an e-commerce website, a great way to generate leads is by offering your blog readers a chance to buy discounted products or access to great deals.  Best database provider | Buy Mobile Database
  3. Offer downloadable blog summaries: Assuming you have packed your blog full of all sorts of interesting information, visuals and videos, it’s possible that your readers might not have the time to Netherlands Phone Number get through it all. So even though you want to squeeze in as much value as possible, it’s a great idea to have a downloadable summary of the blog post, available to those who share their contact information.
  4. Answer comments with CTAs: The comments section of any article is one of the best places to generate leads. Why? Because these are people who care enough about your blog content to engage with you — to ask a question, give kudos or provide suggestions. So if someone comments on an idea you have written about or asks for more information, make sure you answer with a well thought-out response which includes a CTA.

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