Graduation is an important milestone for students and. Their families and every year colleges and universities. Prepare to make the ceremony as special as possible. After a long and arduous academic year. Students feel rewarded for their hard work and dedication. As they reunite with their peers, walk across the. Stage, and receive their diplomas in march 2020, the. Covid-19 pandemic forced millions of people to. Shelter in place and social distance to limit the spread. Of the virus it has affected almost every industry. Including education many schools have had to close their. Campuses to protect students and faculty members.

As a Result Large Social Gatherings Such as Graduation

Could no longer be held in person since then, a number of schools. Have had to get creative for example students at. The university of california, berkeley Armenia Phone Number have created a virtual. Graduation ceremony in the popular video game minecraft. When in-person events aren’t possible, moving online is the next. Best thing but how can schools foster an engaging. And accessible graduation experience in a virtual environment. The following tips will help colleges and universities. Create an unforgettable graduation ceremony for students. Families, and faculty questions to ask a video accessibility. Provider tip 1 plan ahead graduation cap as benjamin franklin said.

By Failing to Prepare You Prepare to Fail the First

And most important step to hosting a successful virtual. Graduation is to plan ahead you want to start by. Asking yourself some basic questions. Here are a few to keep in mind how many people would you like. To attend? What is the event budget will the graduation be. Entirely virtual or a hybrid event how will you. Ensure that graduation is accessible and inclusive. For everyone? Who will speak at the graduation? (I chancellor, certain faculties, student. Body president, guest lecturers, etc.)how long will the graduation. Ceremony last? What tools will you need to use to ensure attendee engagement? What is your overall vision. For graduation? What does a successful graduation. Look like for your institution? How will you measure this success.

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