Decades ago, uses of video were mostly limited to. Entertainment information and advertising today, video. Has virtually replaced classrooms, textbooks, business trips and meeting rooms. Video camera and brown. Blob2020 brought countless changes to the world. And one of the reasons people maintained a sense of. Normalcy throughout it was video. Facetime made it possible to see our families at christmas, zoom made. It possible for us to collaborate with our peers online. And hbo max kept us entertained when we couldn’t. Leave our homes on a friday night. And while video’s place in society. Has changed over the past twelve months, so has video itself.

Videos and the Content They Contain Have Become

More original and accessible. Its uses have both become broader and more niche. Specifically, we’ve seen the video change for the. Better in each Argentina Phone number of these key ways. Read 3play’s. 2021 state of captioning report! 1. More videos are captioned dc icon in 3play media’s. 2021 state of captioning report, it was clear how. Important video captioning is to businesses. Specifically, how important captioning is becoming. For example, 87% of respondents said they caption all. Most or at least some of their video content – ​​an. Increase from 84% in 2020. Additionally, 43% of. Respondents said they caption all social media videos – an. Increase of eight percentage points from the 2020 report.

Finally 50% Indicated That They Have a Clear

Opolicy for captioning compliance (also an increase. Of eight percentage points), and 51% have clear. Captioning processes and procedures (compared to 37% in 2020). The change in these numbers clearly. Shows that, due to the many benefits of subtitles, the world is gravitating towards a new normal where. Subtitles are not an afterthought. According to the report, the main drivers of video captioning are: 3. Accessibility reasons . 56% of businesses cite accessibility as the top reason. For captioning videos, and 50% say the same as their. Top reason for captioning social media videos. Legal compliance . 15% of respondents cited legal compliance as a top. Reason for captioning, likely to avoid accessibility lawsuits.

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