The standard for the way companies connect. With consumers mexico. Df- programmatic advertising. A process in which brands buy ads. In real time to reach specific audiences. Is one of the trends that is setting the standard for the. Way companies connect with consumers. According to idc, real-time advertising. Growth is estimated to be 59 percent in 2016. Related notes: what is programmatic advertising. How has the industry changed with programmatic. Buying 3 myths about programmatic buying. The main advantage of this type of advertising. Is that it combines the right message with the. Right audience at the right time elements that together.

Programmatic Advertising Is One of the Trends That Are Setting

In the marketing and advertising industry online. Videos are more effective than videos on television. as published by the argentine. Specialized media iprofesional. The “Investigation establishes that there was a significant. Increase in the attention Buy Hungary WhatsApp Numbers that these professionals. Be that as it may, Now pay to online video.” so much so that 57 percent. Of agencies say digital video ads are just as or more effective. Than tv ads. In parallel, and always according. To the brightroll study, 65 percent say that digital video. Through mobile devices (phones or tablets). Is the medium that they took into account. The most when increasing their digital marketing budgets .

The Main Advantage of This Type of Advertising Is That It Combines

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Percent say that video is less effective. Than television says market research. One piece of information is key: the increase in opinion is very. Significant in favor of online videos, since the result. Is much higher than in 2011 for the same study. Positive on the contrary, sentiment grew 456 percent in just three. More details: agencies reported greater confidence. In scheduled online video advertising. They dedicate twice the budget to this. Item. In 2013, 9.2 percent. In 2014 18.8 percent. Two out. Of three agencies agree that mobile video is the. Item of spending that is experiencing. The greatest increases from brands. 92 percent say that it is “Probable” that they dedicate part. Of their budget to this format of advertising content.

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