Home page articles seo 3 reasons you need a. Video transcript3 reasons you need a video transcript. Posted: 2021-06-18 video transcription is the. Process of translating your video’s audio into text using. Automatic speech. Recognition technology, human transcribers, or a combination of both. Without video. Transcription, your videos rely solely on av material to convey information. What motivates a video editor to. Transcribe their content? There are plenty of reasons. In this article, we’ll go over the top three reasons why. You. Can’t afford not to add transcription services to your videos. 8 benefits of subtitling and transcription 3. Play icon logo top 3 reasons to add a video

Transcript Improve Your Search Engine Optimization

Create a better user experience increase accessibility for users who are deaf or hard of hearing1. Video transcription improves seoseo icon with Singapore Phone number magenta blob providing a transcript is proven to improve your. Video search engine optimization (seo). A 3-week seo study conducted by safe net compared the search. Ranking of web pages with video transcripts. In less than a month, pages with video transcripts rose through. The ranks in yahoo and bing for a targeted key phrase, going from no listing to 14th, then 9th and 11th. Respectively. By adding the video transcript to their web pages, this american life saw a significant increase. In inbound traffic and user engagement. In fact, 6.26% of all unique visitors from search traffic.

Landed on a Transcript Page Since Search

Engines can’t crawl videos, transcripts provide valuable text that can be indexed and ranked. A transcript. Makes your video more searchable on the web and within your website or archive. Transcripts also help. Your seo keyword strategy. Use your transcript to find important keywords mentioned in your video, then. Adjust your on-page video seo elements to match the wording of the keyword. Boost your video seo with. Captions and transcripts ️2. Video transcription creates a better user experience once a viewer has access to. Your video transcript, there is great potential for a better user experience. Everyone learns differently, so. Adding a transcript gives viewers.

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