Content marketing has become an essential tool for companies, a natural and relatively inexpensive way to achieve greater consumer engagement. However, there are numerous studies that assure that although all professionals are clear that a content strategy is essential, there are not so many who notice the effects that this strategy has on the company. However, a new study by Forrester Research, collected by AdvertisingAge contradicts this premise and ensures that 75% of marketers are capable of measuring results and that in fact, they are seeing the fruit of their efforts in content, especially in an increase of customer loyalty. . They also value having managed to reduce their spending on media and marketing through this tool. On the other hand, if fewer are seeing more tangible results, only 57% have experienced an increase in income and sales as a result of their content campaigns.

It is not surprising that as the importance of content and its use increases, the metrics to evaluate it are also refined. And all this has led marketers to dare to invest more and more in this game. Thus, during this year, 25% of companies have increased their money for content by 30%, and 47% by 20%. In total, in 7 out of 10 companies the money spent on  Switzerland phone number list  content marketing has increased considerably. According to the author of the report: “Increasingly, we see significant budget increases. This is due to various factors, including the displacement from traditional to online media, especially among millennials, the increase in active search by consumers during their shopping journey and the rise of ad blocking, which makes the creation of relevant and quality content even more important. ”

A common mistake is to assume that since creating content is essential, and affordable, it is enough to fill the network with content, content and more content. Big mistake! In a context in which users are surrounded by messages, promotional or not, throughout the day, adding more noise to the party does very little. And is that despite the rise of content marketing, most of the content is ignored. According to data from Sirius Decisions, 6 out of 10 contents go unnoticed, which means that there are many efforts that do not return any performance, contents that do not meet the objective for which they were created.

And that is probably influenced by the fact that many marketers lack a content marketing strategy. A Smart Insight study revealed that more than half of content creators do so without a specific strategy or plan, which prevents the proper development of actions. But in addition to carefully designing a strategy (something without a doubt essential), there are other key factors to succeed in content, as Newswhip found out when analyzing what some of the main brands had in common: offering content that is either very diverse or very specific, create information continuously, bet on stories that connect emotionally with the audience, take care of the photos and videos as well as the texts and deal with relevant topics, but always providing added value.

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