Methodical, stealthy, mercenaries and experts in martial arts. What does this have to do with big data, warm data and metrics within events? More than you imagine .. We go back to 2004 when a small revolution arises in the way we communicate. A character flourishes in Cambridge who was able to reinvent the way we share our experiences with our friends. Facebook is born and behind an endless number of tools to improve connectivity, to the point of reaching the hyper-connectivity in which we live.

Brands quickly focused on exploiting this captive market that spent many hours overnight in front of a mobile phone or computer screen, transmitting their brand messages to their community of followers. The ecosystem of social networks was born as an exchange of value between the brand and the user and the need to control, program and study messages was born. What time did I send the post? What was the potential reach? Brand impressions? What is the appropriate age range for this promotion? And with all this we find ourselves flooded with data, a Data Chaos is generated within companies and a new profession emerges: the Community Manager.

At the beginning, the community manager controlled and scheduled the publication of messages, the management of complaints or crises of the followers and slowly, as in any profession, evolution has led them to not only control content but to interpret it in a way that is aligned with brand needs. But it was not enough and a few years ago we began to Bulgaria mobile phone number list   understand the need to expand the borders with data and analysis and reach Big Data, or what I like to call “Warm Data”. We are experiencing the outbreak of a profession, a data expert, analyst, statesman, and extremely focused on results. A mind capable of interpreting and taking advantage of data that at first glance is not entirely functional. To Data Ninja.

How is your event structured right now? Does it have measurable experiences? Can we control the leads we generate? You have to ask yourself what we can do to reach a wider audience and transmit and control our message. It is not enough to deliver key chains, caps or t-shirts, in this way we will never accurately measure the impact of our investment and the scope of our message, and neither will we gain loyalty or impact our users. Once you have defined where you can improve the experience and current perception of your brand, you can spin a strategy that provides Warm Data in real time.

Align strategy with experience It is no longer worth having a brand stain, you have to interact and let users talk about the brand, the impact is greater, more forceful and it gives you data to better understand the behavior of each of the attendees. It lets you focus your strategy on measurable experiences and makes it easier for you to count on your participants as evangelists or spokespersons for the brand. Further amplifying the experience and providing a positive brand sentiment to the attendees. Create experiences that differentiate you from other brands, giving the assistant something in return that is not repeatable with their own means.

Without data we are nothing, it is that easy. Mere interpretation is not worth it. As the great W. Edwards Deming said: “Without data you are just another person with an opinion” and he is right. If we do not have data to support the success of an event, it will simply be one more opinion. A Data Ninja will use tools that provide the facility to interpret and analyze the success of the event in real time. Giving room to adjust and improve certain behaviors and experiences to further exceed the final result. If you are able to master and analyze at a granular level the points to improve in your sponsored events, you will find that the way to interact with your audience will be easier and easier. Your users become more receptive, eliminating friction and giving in return something of value, an experience,

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