Ready to hit the ‘send’ button on social media. Before doing so, perhaps you should. Review the content to be published well and ask yourself. These coupled with 12 questions. According to an article in time magazine. To connect with the audience and obtain the desired engagement. The post to be broadcast should meet some basic. Requirements that can only be identified by. Following an exhaustive list. Related notes. The 4 great myths of social media marketing. The most used social media in the world. Four things you do wrong on social media. (especially on twitter)these are the 12 questions. You should ask yourself before sharing content with the.

Public on Social Networks 1is the Message Educational or Entertaining

Content that goes always has. One of these two components. If you saw the post on your timeline. Would it catch your attention and. Would you read it is the tone correct. In the messages launched on social networks, the tone must be positive. Helpful Buy Guatemala WhatsApp Numbers and incite to action. Is it too long. Here is a recommendation: on twitter, the ideal is that the message. Has in like manner between 71 and 100 characters. On facebook 40 characters; on google+ around 60. Is the url correct. Make sure that the attached link works. Should I target a specific audience with this message. Sometimes, it is advisable to select the group. Of users that we want to target. Did I use the right words and hashtags.

It Is Advisable to Use Terminology That the Audience

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The frequency of publication on social. Networks is another aspect to consider. Is in addition my grammar and spelling correct. Use a spell checker if you need it. I don’t care if this message reaches everyone. Remember that it will reach both friends. Family employees etc. Is a message too emotional. Read it again to make sure you really want to publish. It and it’s not the result of an outburst. Did I use audiovisual elements. An effective message will always be accompanied. By at least one image. Is the message as powerful as it could be. Ask yourself if you are getting the most out of it.

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