Understanding the operation of the bidding model, RTB (Real Time Bidding) and knowing the advantages of the programmatic business model is one of the current challenges for advertisers to increase their sales. In this sense, zanox, a results-based marketing company, offers ten recommendations to generate additional sales with programmatic buying:

Define objectives and be clear if it is a Branding or Performance action

It is very important that you apply the appropriate KPIs for each objective. The number of sales generated and the cost per sale are important indicators, but if applied without reference to the objective of the campaign, they are not the best way to measure progress.

For example: if the objective is to generate quality traffic, the  Cayman Islands phone number list most useful KPI to evaluate it is the number of new visits to the website. However, if, for example, you want to promote a new game, the most accurate indicator is the number of new registered users.

We must be clear about what action we are going to take to achieve a great brand image or a significant number of conversions.

Know your environment and analyze the behavior of your users

Before launching a campaign, check the optimization and the results of your client in Tablets, mobile, and e-commerce in different environments. For example, a client may work very well for Tablets but give totally opposite results on mobile.

Study your client’s analytics to get better performance.

Protect the brand

It is advisable to choose a partner that guarantees a quality inventory. The brand is the identity card of a company. If your banner doesn’t appear in proper context, it can be detrimental to your image. You need to ensure that the proper tools are used to ensure the quality of the pages displayed by your creatives. Control the frequency of advertising impacts and have the appropriate technology available to ensure the correct visibility of the ad by your potential user.

Filter out unwanted content

Stay away from night schedules and automated systems. Manage your inventory properly, impacting users at the best times related to your objective. For this it is important to have a good analytical knowledge of your client. Block automated users and optimize your CPM.

Use appropriate formats and worry about your CTR

Start your campaign with different creative formats. The so-called “impact” formats (300×250, 180×600?) Can increase the visibility of the campaign and increase the attention of users. Analyze the first results to finally have those that are working best. Make sure you have creative assets that are having a good CTR to boost them.

Analyze the information before making any changes to your campaign

It is vital to be very clear about the changes that are going to be made and why. Keep in mind that any change takes time to be able to analyze its performance. Never make sudden changes; your campaign needs a balance to perform a good analysis.

Invest in testing

Reserve a part of your budget for testing It is highly recommended to try different creative formats, different offers, new segmentations to find the best way to contact customers and invite them to buy. Sometimes investing in stocks that you previously did not trust can give you great joy when it comes to analyzing their performance.

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