The seventh art is one of the favorite entertainment. Contents for consumers since it not only involves projection. On the big screen but also generates a whole idolatry. Around its characters and actors allowing the market to expand. Beyond the filming of movies a film involving video. Games toys press conferences coexistence events. Brand activations and also a whole market on collecting. Within the latter there is a whole world of possibilities since basically. Everything related to a movie is collectible from toys costumes. Fragments of scenes and consumables cinema promotions. Entrance tickets and even advertising posters however.

Within the Latter There Are Certain Posters

With photoshop errors these posters are mostly. Worked with an image editor that is possibly photoshop. (photo workshop). Since this worldwide Christmas Island B2B List is the program par excellence for. Retouching images and retouching graphic materials which works as an editor. Of photography since its creation in 1986 which is now. Developed and marketed by adobe systems incorporated. However this tool with great potential to bring creativity to life. Sometimes leaves much to be desired because. Of those errors that they can cost a whole series of laughs. And ironies an example of this are the following 10 famous. Movie posters with obvious errors from a misuse of this. Graphics editor. The precocious taxidermist street kings.

The Job Insecurity of Interns in Companies

The campaign consists of a line of fictitious products. For interns that seeks to make people reflect on the. Poor conditions that companies often offer in their. Internship contracts with posters emphasizing these. Complaints they began the campaign in the streets. Of malasaña and the plaza de la puerta del sol and callao. In spain in the images you can see four brands such as nike. Samsung goiko and idealista which supposedly show their new. Fictitious products, but they do not show anything. Since that is what an intern can.

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